Maja Augustyniak, B.Sc.

Before joining the Aceto-lab, Maja was part of the molecular diagnostics department in the blood donation center in Schlieren. She worked in the analysis of (rare) blood groups as well as the chimerism analysis of patient blood after allogenic stem cell transplantation. She was also involved in the development of PCR kits for rare blood groups.

Prior to that, she was employed at Eugenex Biotechnologies GmbH in T├Ągerwilen and was responsible for the protein analysis (clarification, concentration, chromatography and filtration of proteins) as well as glycan analysis between upstream and downstream processing.

Maja studied Medical biology at the university of Duisburg-Essen in Germany and wrote her bachelor thesis ("interaction potential of the outer kinetochore protein Knl1 at an ectopic chromosome locus") in Mechanistic Cell Biology at the MPI in Dortmund.