Ilona Krol, M.Sc.

Ilona is the Lab Manager of the Aceto lab. Prior to joining the lab, Ilona has been a technician in the Heim lab at the University of Basel, Switzerland studying the signaling networks involved in hepatitis C and hepatitis B virus infection (see Terczyจฝska-Dyla et al., Nature Commun., 2014, Duong et al., J. Exp. Med., 2014). Previously, Ilona has been a member of the Filipowicz lab at the Friedrich Miescher Institute in Basel, Switzerland where she worked on the role of micro RNAs in retina development and function (see Krol J. et al. Nature Commun., 2015, Krol J. et al., Cell, 2010, Sarasin-Filipowicz et al., Nature Medicine, 2009). Ilona received a M.Sc. degree from the University N. Copernicus in Poland.