Fabienne Schwab, M.D.

Fabienne is a clinical fellow in the Aceto lab. Before joining the lab, she has been working as a consultant (Kaderärztin) in the Breast Center of the women’s hospital at the University Hospital Basel. She studied medicine in Fribourg and Bern, got her medical degree in 2002 and received the Doctor of Medicine title in 2004. She got her specialization in Gynecology/Obstetrics including a sub-specialization in surgical Gynecology/Obstetrics in 2011, followed by Diploma of Senology at the Academy of European Senology, Düsseldorf, Germany, in 2014. Her field of specialization is breast cancer medicine: this includes diagnostics in breast pathology (breast ultrasound and biopsy) (see Schwab FD et al., Eur J Obstet Gynecol Reprol Biol., 2010, Schwab FD et al., Fam Cancer, 2014, Schwab F et al., Ultrasound Med. Biol., 2016) surgical treatment (see Weber WP et al., Breast. 2017, Weber WP et al., Breast cancer Res Treat., 2017) and systemic therapy of breast cancer (see Schwab F et al., info@onkologie, 2016). She also represents the Coordinator in the Breast Center at the University Hospital Basel for the Swiss Breast Center Certification (Q-Label) and the German Breast Center Certification (DKG).