Ece Su Ildiz

Ece Su is a PhD student in the Aceto Lab. She received her B.Sc. degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering at Bilkent University, Turkey. At the end of her bachelors, she has done a summer internship in Wyss Institute at Harvard University where she observed the effect of biomechanical forces on biological processes. Afterwards, she completed her M.Sc. studies in Biomedical Engineering at University of Bern. During her masters, she has done a summer internship in MICROBS Lab at EPFL. There, she worked as a part of a project on engineered epithelia monolayers with programmable projector to spatiotemporally control cell mechanics. In her master thesis project at Theodor Kocher Institute, Ece Su investigated the role of PECAM-1 in extravasation of brain seeking melanoma cells across the blood-brain barrier in vitro.