Andreea Bostean Olariu M.Sc.

Andreea is a PhD student in the Aceto Lab and part of Dr. Kovacs’s group. Before joining the lab, Andreea has finished her Masters in Fundamental biology of health at École Normale Supérieure in Paris, France. During her Masters, she has completed her research internship in Professor Hugues de Thé’s lab where she investigated the role of specific protein sumoylation at the level of Promyelocytic leukaemia protein Nuclear Bodies (PML NBs) in mouse embryonic stem cells. Also, Andreea holds an Honors BSci degree in Applied Medical Sciences from University College London. During her Bachelors, she has done internships in Japan for Molcure Inc. in Tokyo, for the Keio University in Dr. Josephine Galipon’s bioprinting lab and in Professor Jacques Drouin’s lab in Montréal, Canada.